Tips for Great Engagement Photos

If you are making plans for your wedding, one of the first steps to take care of is to get your engagement photos taken. These photos are the perfect opportunity to preserve the first memories of you as a happy couple, preparing to spend your life together, and if you plan to send out a wedding announcement to friends and family, you can include a photo of the bride- and groom-to-be together. In addition, engagement photography is a great “practice” session for your wedding day, so you can get to know the photographer and s/he can get to know you.  Here are some tips to maximize your engagement photo shoot.

Book the Same Photographer for Wedding & Engagements
There are a lot of photographers out there who offer deals and special to get you to book a photo session with them. While it can sometimes be tempting to take advantage of the deals and book with two different photographers—one for wedding, one for engagement—that can actually have a negative effect on your photos. The reason is that each photographer has a different style, and you want all the photos related to your wedding to similar in telling your “love story”.

In addition, you want the wedding day to run as smoothly as possible, which means getting all the photos you want in a way that doesn’t interfere with the activities of the day. If you spend some time with a professional photographer from JayLynn Studios during your engagement session, you can get to know the photographer and they can get to know you and your fiancé in a less formal setting when you have more time. Then the photographer can use his/her knowledge from working with you previously to capture your personality during the wedding day photos.

Plan Plenty of Time
You don’t want to look stressed or rushed during your engagement photos, you want to be comfortable, have fun, and look like you enjoy being together. Be sure to schedule plenty of time for your professional photos for your engagement so you make it to all the different locations you want, capture all the photos you want, and look like you are having fun.

Discuss Poses/Location in Advance
If you already have a place in mind where you want to have the photos taken, talk to your JayLynn Studios photographer about it in advance. They can make recommendations on the time of day so you can avoid crowds and have ideal lighting, and help you figure out whether that is the only place you want or you want other locations too.

If you have specific poses or shots in mind, talk about that as well—especially if there are poses you want to avoid or you dislike. The photographer might have some ideas too, but if they know about what you want they can plan accordingly.

Clothing & Accessories
While people do sometimes try to go with all matching clothing for family portraits, matching engagement clothes can be a little overwhelming in the photos. It’s best if you have coordinated clothing, but not an exact match. Otherwise, just choose something comfortable and flattering, trying to avoid excessive patterns so the focus is on you and not on your pants. Also avoid bringing a lot of little extra items or having a bunch of things in your pockets, since they can be difficult to carry around, and the photographer might want to take some “action” shots while you’re walking around, talking to your fiancé. If you’re carrying several items, these shots won’t work. 

The professional photos for your engagement are perfect for signature boards, guest books at the wedding, and save the date or announcement cards. In addition, they are an important documentation of the beginning of your life together, so you want quality photos that will help you remember that time forever.