Tips for Preserving Your Photo Memories

Having professional photos taken, or taking snapshots of friends, family, and loved ones is a great way to preserve memories so you can look back later and recall all the good times. But if you’re like many people, you probably have a big stack of old photos and negatives from B.D. (“before digital”) that you need to sort through, or you have a hard drive on your computer with an assorted collection of photographs from birthdays, family reunions, and professional photography shoots that you need to organize. Photos sitting in a box and files sitting on your computer are not the best way to preserve your photo memories. Here are a few tips to help you sort and store those memories for later.

Find All Your Photos and Files
The best way to begin organizing your photos, whether they are professional shots from JayLynn Studios or casual snapshots you took at home, is to find them all. Get all your photo prints together and put them in chronological order, then get all your digital photos and put them on a single drive (such as an external hard drive or a USB drive). If you have photos in your phone or on several computers, include them all in your digital backup. After all, you don’t want to lose all your memories when your kid drops your cell phone in the toilet or your hard drive crashes.

Organize Professional Photos and Casual Photos Separately
Often photographers like JayLynn Studios will give you either digital copies of your professional photographs, or several prints to keep. If you have these, keep them separate from your casual photos so you can have easy access to the professional family photos when you need them in the future. These are often better quality than the average snapshots you took over the years so you want to have them handy whenever you need great pictures.

Scan and Backup Photos
If you have photo prints or negatives without a digital file, consider purchasing a negative scanner or a photo scanner to convert them to digital files. You can always preserve the original, but then you’ll have a backup in case you lose the original or it gets damaged in a fire or flood. Alternately, you can take the negatives and photos to a company that does digital backup and preservation for photos if you don’t have the time or equipment to do it yourself.

Consider Digital Scrapbooking
While it is great to have the files available to go back and look at, you might be more likely to browse through those old photos if they were organized in scrapbooks. If you’re feeling crafty you can make actual physical scrapbooks, or you can try out some of the digital scrapbooking software available. You can also preserve photo memories by getting creative and making things like wall calendars, pillowcases, blankets, and more online.

Maintaining those memories—from the professional photos you had taken at JayLynn Studios to the pictures snapped at your last family dinner—means having a plan to preserve the pictures for the long term.