Tis The Season For Holiday Portraits

Christmas and New Year, the most celebrated holidays throughout the year are fast approaching. And what’s the best way to capture that seemingly endless joy on all the family members’ faces? If you would ask Jaylynn Photography Studios, the simple answer would be a great or fun family portrait.

 Why the Yuletide Season is best for family portraits

          This season brings out the best and cheerful attitude of all family members. Everyone especially the children are very much excited as the countdown to Christmas day nears its end. It is only during these times that you can observe people to have much lighter and cheerful attitudes. Hence, it is best to capture those genuine smiles while they last.

          It’s the time of the year when the family is complete. If your family is big or extended. Chances are; some of the members are already living in other cities or states. The family can be divided geographically because of work, studying or schooling, marriage, etc. And the holiday season is just one of the few occasions where the entire family can be complete. Of course, everyone wants to have a family portrait with a complete family member line-up. And this wish can only be granted during Christmas.

          Holiday portraits are unique and fun. According to Jaylynn Photography Studios, family portraits taken during the Yuletide Season is very unique and different because of the multitude of things or themes you can do with it. If you already have a handful of formal portraits, Christmas brings variety by making it fun and somewhat crazy. When the colorful costumes and props are added to the theme, the resulting image can really turn out great.

Tips to ensure a great holiday portrait

Just like any other photo, your family’s holiday portrait can possibly go wrong. To ensure only the best results, the following tips can be observed.

          Planning is essential. It’s just a plain and simple photograph, why would you plan? To ensure that everything goes well, all family members appear and attend the scheduled photo shoot, and for everyone especially the children to cooperate.

          Coordinate the attire or costume. If you would consult Jaylynn Photography Studios, it is still best to observe common or similar attire during the photo shoot. Colors relevant to Christmas like red and green can be used for the family portrait. And to make it even special, customs as simple as a Christmas or Santa hats would do.
          Incorporate an activity to the photo. Plain sitting or standing is common when it comes to family portraits. And the best way to give a unique touch or theme to the image is to incorporate an activity. The family for example can pose as if they were playing, chatting, exchanging gifts, etc.

          Bribe children to cooperate. Toddlers and children can oftentimes be the source of concern when doing the photo shoot. Because they are still not that much attentive and are very playful, it could be hard to ask them to pose the way you want. And probably the best thing to do to acquire their attention and cooperation is by bribing them with simple treats.

          Candid shots can produce the best results. At times, the best images produced are those taken candidly or simply those that are not planned. If you have contracted the services of a good photographer like those from Jaylynn PhotographyStudios, he or she will know when to capture the best. Take a look at some of their candid shots at http://jaylynnstudios.com.