Top 5 Trends for Holiday Family Photos

The holiday season is a great time of year, a time when we celebrate family, get together, and have fun. It’s also a time when many people like to send out greetings to friends and family, and often you want to send out a family photo to accompany your holiday wishes. If you’re tired to sending out the same old, same old pictures, here are some top trends for adding some fun and flair to your pictures this year. Contact JayLynn Studios to discuss your holiday plans and get a professional photographer to help you preserve those precious family pictures.

1) Be Bold
Sure, you could go with “neutral” colors like black or brown again this year, but maybe it’s time to mix it up and try something bold. If you really want your family pictures to stand out, choose bold colors, patterns (be careful that patterns aren’t too busy or distracting), and accessories that will make your cozy family photos as merry and bright as the season. Coordinating the family so everyone’s clothing works together is a great way to make the photos visually engaging.

2) Be Casual
Some of the most fun pictures to look at are the ones where the family looks like they are having fun and relaxing. Your JayLynn Studios photographer can help you capture memories that are more than just forced poses and frozen smiles. Take some time during the family photo shoot to laugh, joke, and enjoy the moment so the photographer can capture you in a natural light.

3) Plan an Activity
Sometimes the best way to capture your family photos is not thinking about the photos at all. Instead, try incorporating an activity in your photo shoot, then let the professional photographer capture all the moments. For example, grab some holiday decorations and take them out to a tree in the woods, dress up in warm clothes, boots, mittens, and gloves, and go out to play in the snow, or invite the photographer to your home to be there while you bake and frost some holiday cookies. The fun and memories will shine through in the pictures.

4) Try Different Angles
Instead of the traditional stand-in-a-pose-and-smile, try capturing your family from a different angle. Lay on the ground making snow (or leaf) angels, or stand on a bridge and have the photographer capture your children peeking over the edge (remember to be safe, of course). Ask the photographer for some ideas on how you can incorporate different poses instead of just the usual stuff and you can really have some fun with your holiday pictures this year.

5) Incorporate Props
Props can bring your pictures to life. For example, bring along your favorite holiday books and have the kids sit down and read from them together. With props you do have to be careful so you don’t go overboard. You might think that something is a great idea—like making your husband wear a Santa beard, or dressing everyone in their pajamas—but remember that you are sending these out to family members and friends, and don’t go overboard with something that will embarrass your loved ones.

Holidays are a time that we love to spend with friends and family, and capturing them with the help of a JayLynn Studios professional photographer can ensure that you remember them for years to come, and have beautiful pictures to share.