Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, and preserving those memories through beautiful and lasting wedding pictures can help you relive the happiness and excitement for years to come. Since it is such a special day, the professional photographers at Jaylynn Photography often see brides, grooms, and wedding party attendees make mistakes that affect the quality of the photos. Here are some tips to make the most of your wedding day photographs.

Don’t Get Too Much Sun

It can be tempting to want to get a tan for your big day, but being sunburned in your wedding photos or your bridal pictures can quickly turn those memories into an embarrassing reminder of your overzealous tanning efforts. This is especially true if you try to tan in a swimsuit that has different tan lines than your wedding dress, or if you get a painful (and painfully red) sunburn that makes you look like a lobster against your white wedding dress. If you want a tan, consider sunless tanning or spray tans, but even those can be risky, so be sure to get it done as a “test” several weeks before the wedding so you know how it will look on the big day.


Go Natural

You don’t have to avoid makeup entirely, but it’s a good idea to just do your makeup the way you would on any other day. Don’t worry about slathering on a ton of extra makeup for the day of your wedding—especially thick foundation, thick eyeliner, or unnatural shades for your eye shadow or lipstick. Also keep in mind that you will likely cry on your wedding day (most people do), so you don’t want thick mascara streaking down your face, or tear streaks in your foundation. It’s best to stick to what makes you look natural, so people will be able to recognize you in the pictures.

Have Comfy Shoes

You may not be planning to wear your tennis shoes under that dress, but if you’re going to be trekking around a big reception center or acres of garden grounds to get several different photos taken, you may want to consider having a spare pair of comfortable shoes along with your adorable heels. This is especially true if you don’t normally wear heels, since you don’t want to sprain your ankle on your wedding day or during your bridal pictures.

Prepare for Shine

You want to be glowing in your wedding pictures, but you don’t want to actually be shiny. Its a good idea to keep blotting papers, powder, or some other “shine reducer” available so you can get rid of that shine before the photos. This is really important if you plan to have the wedding during a hot time of year, or in a place where you will be in the sun for a while, so you don’t look sweaty in the pictures.

Stay in the Moment

This is your special day, so it’s important to remember that it’s not a day that is centered around photos. Just be yourself, have fun, laugh, smile, dance, and enjoy the day, and your professional photography will capture all the happiness, tears, and joy in the candid wedding pictures.