Welcoming the Season: Capturing Fall in Photos

One of the most romantic and beautiful seasons of the year is fall, and the scenery and attitude of the season make it the perfect time to get professional fall photographs taken. During this natural color festival, you can capture some of the most romantic and beautiful scenes. Here are some of the best ways to capture the season with your JayLynn Studios photographer.

Natural Factors that Affect Color
One of the hardest things about taking photos in the fall season is the unpredictability of what you will find. Sometimes winter will come early in Utah, while other times the warm weather will last long through October and into the Thanksgiving season. In addition, the actual colors—from vibrant reds to muted yellows—are dependent on the amount of precipitation throughout the year, and how cold the weather gets during the fall season. If you’re planning on getting fall photos, you may need to be flexible at the last minute if things don’t turn out exactly as you had anticipated because of natural variances in the weather.

Take Props
As with any photo shoot, you shouldn’t rely only on nature to give you what you want from the pictures. Take some props with you to bring out the beauty and warmth of the season. Some great ideas for fall props include thick plaid blankets, scarves, umbrellas, benches, chairs, and stools that you can use to create depth and visual interest in the pictures. Your JayLynn Studios photographer will also have some ideas for great props that can blend in to the background or stand out in the fall colors.

Bundle Up
Another great thing about fall is all the cozy clothes. Have fun with your fall photos by bundling up with thick sweaters, scarves, gloves, boots, and hats. If it’s raining, you can even dress up in rain boots and grab some umbrellas with bright patterns and fun colors so you don’t have to reschedule. You can bring a few different accessories for your outfits too, so you and the family can change into something goofy or something more serious to get a great variety of shots.

Work with the Lighting
The lighting that you can get from the sun dipping deeper into the southern sky is another great advantage of fall photos. The resulting light angles can create some visually interesting options for you. Most photographers will use front lighting for their subjects, meaning the sun is at the photographer’s back, but with fall colors, even backlighting could give you some great shadows and deeper colors. Of course, your experienced JayLynn Studios photographer will work to ensure that those shadows don’t affect the quality of your photos.

Play Around

Finally, you can have some fun in your fall photos. Have the kids play in the leaves, sit in a pumpkin patch, wearing your favorite football team’s jerseys, wander through a corn maze, or get lost in the haystacks. Some of these require a little extra planning to make sure you can find the right natural backdrop, so talk to your professional photographer about it if that is what you want.