15 Great Reasons to Take Family Photos in 2015

15 Great Reasons to Take Family Photos in 2015

It’s a new year, and a time when many people are setting resolutions and goals for what they hope to accomplish in the coming months. While there are some really common resolutions that most people don’t follow through with—such as weight loss, getting more organized, or getting a new job—there are also some really great untapped goals out there that you might want to consider. Here are 15 reasons you should add “taking more family pictures” to your list of things to do in 2015.

  1. They make great decoration for your home or office – show off your beautiful family with professional photos from a place like JayLynn Studios.
  2. Your family will never be exactly the same as it is today – capturing precious memories now means you can have them forever, when kids are grown, loved ones have passed away, and other things have changed.
  3. Professional family photographs showcase your growing and changing family over the years – whether it’s the addition of a new baby or the 20th grandchild, families are always changing and photographs help to capture every stage of life.
  4. Photos make great gifts for family members, friends, and loved ones – frame them, put them in a card, or use photos to make memorable calendars, mugs, and t-shirts.
  5. They can be great conversation pieces – when your friends and family get together, nothing gets people talking quite like a great photo.
  6. Reminiscing about old hairstyles, clothing styles, and family memories is much easier with photos – you can ask your mom why she would ever let you out of the house wearing THAT?!? Or you can talk about the amazing styles of your younger years, such as leggings, bangs, and homemade hair “scrunchies.”
  7. Photos make you laugh – even professional photos can be fun and bring back memories that will help you smile and laugh years later. While posed shots are great, candid shots are also advisable when you’re on a photo shoot.
  8. Photos connect people – even when you are miles apart, sharing family photos can help you connect with people you love, people you miss, and people you care about.
  9. Professional photos give you a reason to get the family together – while it might seem like a hassle to get everyone in the same place at the same time, coordinating family pictures is actually a great excuse to see your extended family and get together outside of the holiday season.
  10. Family photos can chronicle your life – from your engagement and wedding to the birth of your children, nothing can capture you and your family at their best than professional photos in Utah.
  11. Photography helps you learn about your history – having a collection of family photos to look back on over the years can help you learn more about your ancestors, and pinpoint where your child got his curly hair or where your granddaughter’s bright blue eyes come from.
  12. Professional photographs in Utah capture everyone (including mom and dad) – unlike those snapshots you take where someone is excluded because he or she is taking the picture–unless you’re a “family selfie” master, of course.
  13. There is no better investment than family photos – everyone has a budget, and sometimes it can seem expensive to pay for family pictures, but there is no better investment than capturing memories you can treasure forever.
  14. Professional photos are something you can be proud to share – and who doesn’t like sharing with friends and family on Instagram and Facebook these days?

And the final reason to set a goal to take pictures this year is:

  1. Your family deserves to have these memories – nothing can bring families closer than memories of time spent together, and photos help you capture those moments in time and treasure them forever with the ones you love.

If you’re ready to take more pictures this year, call JayLynn Studios to schedule your appointment.