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Begin your travel preparations properly by getting your passport picture done right. JayLynn Studios offers passport photography services in Salt Lake City and we want to make sure that you follow all the government rules regarding passport photos.

What we provide is an accurate knowledge of the rules and the process of application. Many people just have their pictures taken without awareness of the rules. This could end up a waste of time, and may result in having to retake the picture, until the specifications are accurately met. With us, you’ll be sure that your pictures won’t be a roadblock to your passport application.

A Few Reminders

Your passport photo must be in color and should be on a photo-quality paper. We won’t compromise on the quality of the fabrication. It must be 2×2 (USA), and you must have a neutral expression without anything blocking your face. Both eyes open, and devoid of accessories (i.e., jewelry, glasses, headwear, the like) in the image.

There are certain exceptions that are permitted, but it’s something that we can personally discuss with you. We want to be sure that you don’t commit any error in this part of the process. The government is strict when it comes to travel requirements, and they won’t hesitate to reject anything that is not up to standard.

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