Our Photographers

At JayLynn Studios, we take a unique approach in all of our photography projects to better match our clients’ varying needs. We know full well that our clients each have their own unique experiences and individual preferences, which require a team of flexible photographers ready to capture their perfect moments. Whether it’s to capture the magic of your wedding, celebrate your senior year at school, or simply to document the firsts of your newborn, trust our photographers in Salt Lake City to preserve these memories for you.

Our studio has been around since 1906. That’s four generations of photography experience in our studio. We have the necessary experience, training, and eye for detail that make us unmatched specialists at what we do! We’ve conducted a wide range of photo shoots spanning from traditional, casual, elegant, specialty, group, business, unusual, outrageous or adorable. We know exactly how best to capture you at your finest, without breaking your budget!

We strive to make sure that every photo shoot is successful on all fronts, including your enjoyment during the process. By making each session fun, personal, and in-line with our client’s specifications and expectations, we ensure that all of our customers go home satisfied and proud of the finished product.

After the shoot, each print is then hand-finished by our specialists with fine retouching and finishing, so each portrait leaves JayLynn Studios with the professional quality look you came to JayLynn’s for.

Cynthia Kimball

Cynthia has been with The CoverLook and JayLynn Studios for 25 years. She is our CoverLook manager and has been involved with makeovers, photography, managing and marketing within our organization. Her passion is makeovers, finding the best way to bring out the best side of our clients, and giving every person the greatest experience possible and then some. “Making women feel beautiful is what fills my heart!” There are many that will only let Cynthia photograph them because of her uniquely amazing ability to highlight the most beautiful things about each person.

Jacques Nell

Born in Africa, I only became interested in photography after living in the UK in 2000 at the age of 21. I had taken less than 200 photographs my entire life before deciding to study it and found that I have a talent for it. I still wanted to travel some more and ended up working for one of the major cruise lines and managing their photo department. It gave me a chance to decide which kind of photography I wanted to pursue. Portraiture has become my passion, by providing people with lasting memories of them and their loved ones.

JayLynn Studios: Capturing Memories That Last Forever

When life’s precious events happen, we can try to recreate them as much as we want but nothing will ever really compare to the magic of those special moments. If you’ve been looking for a Salt Lake City photographer you can trust, let our team make sure that your memories are immortalized in the best possible way.

Our passion for our work will allow you, and your loved ones, to relive the spark brought by those passing minutes for generations to come. Contact us today to know more about our experienced photographers in Salt Lake City.