4 Things That Make Professional Photo Sessions Easier

4 Things That Make Professional Photo Sessions Easier

When it comes to professional photography, there are few things that bring out stress in families quite like planning these sessions into your schedule. You want to capture your family at their best, but getting everyone ready, arriving on time, keeping the kids happy and the wiggles out through the entire session can all be difficult—not to mention the things you can’t control like the weather. Fortunately there are a few things you can do before and during your photo shoot to make sure you get the lasting memories you want without wanting to pull your hair out in the process.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The biggest key to getting a great photo shoot is to plan in advance and schedule it around a time when your kids are happy and you know you can be ready and arrive on time. If mornings are insanely hectic, don’t try to schedule something for that time of day, and certainly don’t try to schedule it right through the middle of your child’s naptime or mealtime. While you may not be able to get the perfect time while scheduling around really young children’s schedules, JayLynn Studios photographer will do their best to get the optimal time for you.

Talk About the Venue

Many families have become fans of outdoor photo shoots, and for good reason—the beauty of nature is a great backdrop for your annual shots. Keep in mind that the having a sweeping vista in the background is not necessarily the most important thing. A simple fence, benches in your local park, or even a piece of furniture can provide a great focal point for the pictures.

Unfortunately the outdoors don’t always cooperate when it comes to taking good photos. High winds, rain, snow, extreme heat or cold can all conspire to ruin the picture day. For that reason it’s good to talk to your JayLynn Studios photographer about the venue and discuss several options so you can get the right lighting and great scenery, and include an indoor option as a last resort if the weather is really bad.

Coordinate Outfits in Advance

These days many families opt to have a “coordinated” look rather than a completely “matching” look. Choose a single neutral color, such as white, tan, or black, and build out from there. Include about three accent colors and mix and match these in your family’s outfits. Try not to include too many different patterns, as these can quickly make photos look dated or might make things look too “busy” while distracting from the rest of the pictures.

Talk About Package Deals

You might be able to get a better deal if you talk to your Utah professional photographer about photo packages. While these might have a little bit higher price, they often include things like photo editing, digital files, and other benefits. It will save in printing costs over time even if you do have to pay a little more right up front.